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Inspiring others through perseverance.

Inspiring Others Through Perseverance and Strength

Are you looking for the right speaker to breathe life into your audience, to inspire hope again? 

Kimberly has a powerful story and beautiful insight regarding the challenges life throws our way, how to power through with tenacity, and never giving up to go after your dreams. 

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Kimberly Raff will inspire hope in your audience and build their own belief in themselves that they can create change wherever they are. Her story will bring life to their own goals and dreams.


Kimberly Raff provides an excellent training to build knowledge in mentoring and how those from foster care can create healthy boundaries with their biological families.

What are people saying?

"Kimberly has a deep knowledge of the foster system and has the tools to help people better understand foster children and the system. Her passion and experience makes her a delight to various audiences."
Jarret Patton MD
National Speaker
"Truly enjoyed Kimberly’s workshop on Mentoring! This workshop was encouraging, engaging, as well as empowering! Thank you for you gift! Continue to share your story and your gift.
Thank you again!"
Gabrielle Foushee
Youth Pastor

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